Terms of Submission

Veterans Words, an imprint of Eres Books, will accept submissions from United States military veterans and/or their significant others on the following terms:

        • Submissions are in digital formats: .doc; .docx; .rtf; .txt; .pages; .pdf or other word-processing format
        • Submissions should be proofread and edited by the author or another person. Our editors will suggest corrections if deemed appropriate
        • No limits or censorship of language or content will be imposed unless libel, copyright or other publishing norms are breeched — if you write about someone else in your book, change his/her name/rank etc. 🙂
        • Books placed on sale:
          • Compensation will be offered to the author for books sold at the following rates:
            • 80% of payment received if sold directly from VeteransWords.EresBooks.com
            • 70% of payment received if sold on another online ebookseller (examples: Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, etc.)
        • Submissions will be converted to ebook/digital formats: EPUB; MOBI; PDF
        • Submissions will be placed on sale on VeteransWords.EresBooks.com and distributed to online booksellers at the author’s discretion
        • Digital publishing contracts will be provided to the veteran author and/or another designated person. Contract basics:
          • Copyright & Reversion Rights
          • Royalties & Accounting Statements
          • Pirated Content / Copyright Infringement
          • Print-on-Demand Terms
        • VeteransWords@EresBooks and Eres Books’ Editors reserve the right to change the above Terms of Submission over time, however authors will be subject to the Terms existing at the time of their submission and consequent publication of their work
        • To submit your digital, edited, proofread typescript, please contact VeteransWords@EresBooks and instructions for submission will be sent by email to you.