Keep Saying Their Names II

August 26, 2021 will go into history as a day of heroism, service and sacrifice of all our military personnel.

We honor the memories of our fallen who were killed on this day thousands of miles from their homes and families:

Staff Sgt Darin T. Hoover, 31, Utah
Sgt Johanny Rosariopichardo, 25, Massachusetts
Sgt Nicole L. Gee, 23, California
Cpl Hunter Lopez, 22, California
Cpl Daegan W. Page, 23, Nebraska
Cpt Humberto A. Sanchez, 22, Indiana
Lance Cpl David L. Espinoza, 20, Texas
Lance Cpl Dylan R. Mercola, 20, California
Lance Cpl Kareem M. Nikoui, 20, California
Lance Cpl Jared M. Schmitz, 20, Missouri
Lance Cpl Rylee J. McCollum, 20, Wyoming
Corpsman Maxton W. Soviak, 22, Ohio
Staff Sgt Ryan C. Knauss 23, Tennessee

Keep saying their names. Remember and honor them.